The top 3 winning games from the Hackathon will be prepared and be uploaded into the Ayoba super app.

  • The hackathon is open to game developers / makers, designers, software developers and gaming entrepreneurs within the African continent
  • Participant must be 18 years or older
  • Must not be part of the development of Ayoba app

The Hackathon will start Friday (19 May) at 18:00PM and end Sunday (21 May) at 16:00PM in two physical locations (Johannesburg and Cape town) and a virtual option.

Teams will be asssited with a business and commercialization of games workshop ahead of the hackathon in order to build lucrative business models and go-to market strategies.

Winning teams will be taken through a months mentoring process to further develop the solution. Prize distribution will be unlocked by development stages of the game.
About The Hackathon

An Adventure To Games Development With Ayoba

With over 20 Million monthly active users, Ayoba is looking for the next set of innovative games to hook the interest of the millons of Ayoba users across Africa. Themed a localized African adventure, participants are challenged to create games that caters for users with an African context, accessiblity and digital culture.

Over the 42 hour period of the hackathon, participants working in teams will be guided by sector experts who will serve as mentors for the hackathon.

Can you code your way to a high score?

Join other developers from across Africa and develop that winning game, the ayoba way. Registration is open and free for participation.

web experts

Localized Innovation

Games are required to be innovative and localized to African context for different groups.

online degrees

Ease of Usability

Must a factor a greater sense of usability, flow and interaction with user.

short courses

Engaging Experiences

Developers are urged to find creative ways of adding instrinsc experiences for users.


Hackathon Participation Options

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town Innovation City

  • Location
    Cape Town
  • Accesibility
    Public transport
  • Johannesburg


  • Location
  • Accessibility
    Gautrain to park, walk / e-hail
  • Virtual

    Sonke workspace

  • Location:
    Online and video call
  • Accessbility:
    Web, desktop or app


Business & Technical Mentors

Winners to be selected

Games target

Need More Convicing?

What attend the ayobagaminghack?

Besides an opportunity to develop new skills, the ayobagaminghack provides an opportunity to

Registration Closed

Unfortuanately this hackathon event has closed

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